Coming to Gamefound in 2024

More information about Victoria: The Board Game
and its crowdfunding campaign will come soon.

Never before have the lives of so many changed so much, so quickly. Turn the shouts of upheaval echoing in the streets into government reform. Transform the force of technological innovation into sparks of progress. Social, technological and cultural revolutions provide the perfect playground for your alternate history fantasies.

The muscle of industry is powered by the sinews of trade. Import necessary goods to keep your people happy and fuel the factories that will produce valuable items for export. Harness the power of steam and coal to transform factory towns into industrial titans.

Rather than painting the map of the world, you write the book of your nation. But you are an actor on a global stage, racing your opponents up the mountain of prestige. In Victoria, the choice is yours, play tall or play wide. While some players will focus on internal politics, developing their state's infrastructure and institutions, others will use high-stakes diplomatic plays, involving pacts, alliances, threats and bluffs, to get their way on the stage of international politics and claim their place in the sun. As a last resort, such dangerous plays will sometimes inevitably result in war.