Europa Universalis: TPoP | Scenarios III (PDF)

8 new scenarios and a myriad of alternative scenario rules for Europa Universalis: The Price of Power.

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Note!: For this product, you can basically choose what price you want to pay, between $1 and $25 USD, depending on how eager you are to support Aegir Games' efforts to produce new content for Europa Universalis: The Price of Power in the future.

Within a few days of your purchase you will be sent a link/voucher code for use on, to download the digital PDF product and, optionally, to get the physical print-on-demand version of the booklet at cost (meaning that you will only pay the cost to print and ship it, with no additional commission to Aegir Games). For the printed booklet, customs and/or import VAT fees may also apply, depending on what country you live in.

This product is a downloadable PDF booklet containing 8 scenarios for use with Europa Universalis: The Price of Power. Most of the scenarios require you to have the Deluxe Edition or Fate of Empires Expansion in order to be able to play them.

The scenarios are also available for testing as Tabletop Simulator save files for download here:


The scenarios included in this booklet have not been play tested and proof read as extensively as we normally would with regular product release. While the scenarios in this booklet are not exactly off the cuff, they may still have some imbalances here and there. We have chosen some scenarios that push the envelope of the EU:tPoP system a bit further than we would normally do, because we think that they will all provide some really interesting challenges and experiences, and because this PDF-release seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out some more experimental content like this.

The Scenarios

Each and everyone one of the scenarios have been picked because we believe that they add something new to the game:

  • Old and New Pretenders is a low-conflict 4-player scenario which features some of the smaller Realms. It is a good learning scenario, if you have the time available, as there are no huge immediate threats to the players and they are unlikely to be pulled into conflicts with each other early on.
  • The Italian Job is a tight 2-player scenario which plays out in a very confined geographical space. It can be played both with and without Bots depending on whether or not that is something you find entertaining, and it only lasts for 3 Rounds, so it can easily be completed in an evening.
  • Same Sejm, But Different is a scenario where 3 human players compete against a beast of a Bot, as well as each other, with opportunities to manipulate the Bot to go after the other players rather than yourself.
  • Turning the Table is a 6-player scenario that provides an alternative to the Grand Campaign. In this alternative history scenario, you start in the 2nd half of Age I and it is assumed that the 1st half panned out a bit differently than it did in real life, meaning that the starting position of each featured Realm is rather different than usual.
  • The Sun God Awakens is a solo/4-player scenario that for the first time introduces the possibility to play a Realm on one of the Distant Continents, namely the Incas (or rather Cusco as you start off). This unique experience also comes with its own scenario-specific rules and Inca Mission tree to accommodate thematic play.
  • Baltic Hegemony is a solo/3-player scenario pitting Sweden against Poland and Muscovy/Russia in a battle to dominate the Baltic region. In the solo variant, Sweden races against the clock to overcome their rivals. In the multi-player variant, it is all about dominating the Baltic shores.
  • Turmoil in Western Europe is a tight 6-player scenario with lots of interaction that takes place on the Western Europe map. In this scenario, there is no room to grow without infringing on a neighboring PR's lands.
  • The 30 Years' War is a highly interactive and fiercely intense 6-player scenario where it is all about the Power Struggles in and around the Holy Roman Empire. Through 4 Rounds in Age III, all the player realms are competing for the same territories, but their starting positions, strengths and weaknesses are very different.

Photos of the printed booklet:

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