Shipping & How to Play Video - EU:tPoP DD #31

Kickstarter Update #43

Shipping Update

We are so thrilled that shipping is finally in full swing in all across the world! In some regions it is close to completion and many of you will already have received a package rather similar to the one below – the rest are very soon to follow!

If you haven't received a shipping notification or address confirmation email by now, check your email folders, and check your spam folders! Notifications come unexpectedly and in many guises!

Already or very soon at your door

UK and EEC

You should all have received your games and add-ons by now. Let us know if not, or contact GamesQuest Backer Support:

European Union

All hurdles are gone, and the orders are going out as we speak. Some have already received their games. Most of you should have received shipping notifications, and the rest should get it real soon. There were some issues with finding the right packaging for the playmats, but it has been solved and the mats will be shipped separately for the EU orders.

US and Canada

Some of you already got it. For most, the packages are on their way, due to arrive very soon. You should at the very least have been asked for address confirmation, but quite likely you already got tracking information too. The playmats unfortunately took longer to arrive than anticipated, so that caused a bit of a delay, but these are now being sent out together with the games.

Australia & New Zealand

The games were sent out quite a while ago already. What remains, are the playmats. Aetherworks have them in stock, and they are in the works, not the aether. GamesQuest is sorting this out with them at the moment. Like before, they should contact you before sending. You WILL receive the playmats, rest assured. Let that not hinder you from playing the game, we included mounted boards in it!


Most of the orders, if not all, should have been delivered by now. Playmats are on their way from the UK right now to those who ordered them.


Grimfield Games has received the games that are due to be shipped to backers across the country and they will notify you soon. Send them a message if you have any shipping inquiries.

Oslo Pick-up 

We have received the games, and many of you have come to pick it up from our office already. It has been a great pleasure to have so many of our backers visiting us the last couple of weeks! I have contacted you by email, but just to remind you: 

Our doors are usually open from 10 to 15 on weekdays. Please let us know beforehand.

A special day to pick it up is set for the 28th of January (this Saturday) from noon until 8 pm. 

Rest of the World

Your copies are being delivered from the UK and should be on their way. Follow and check the GamesQuest UK Blog in the RoW section.

RTFM Video

Shea Parker did a brilliant How-to-play video for us recently, and we strongly recommend that you check it out!

He goes through ALL the basics and has a helpful list with timestamps on youtube for each of the actions/sections.

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