First Video Review & Essen22 - EU:tPoP DD #30

Games at Hubs, Review, EGE!

Customs Laws and Taxes!

Last Deluxe Copies of this Print-run – Order NOW!

The last copies of the Standard Edition on this print run as well. We have sent extras all over the world, so they are already in the Hubs. All orders made from now will be delivered just after the first bulk, Order NOW! hold your copy!

Games have arrived at the main hubs

We know that many of you followed the shipments as closely as we did as they moved across the oceans, but for those who did not, we can tell you that they have all safely reached their destinations at the local hubs (in China, Australia, the UK, Germany, and the US)!

Furthermore, our fulfillment partner, GamesQuest, have received all the backer and pre-order data and is currently processing all of it. We do not know exactly how long this will take, but we know they have been working on it for a while. Also, they have sent us some images of packaging tests:

Bubbly cushions

VFI in Asia have started sending out the games, and some of our backers in China and Hong Kong have already received their games, as you can see from the Unboxing Video further down in this update. If you are among those who have received it, we would love to see more such videos and pictures!

I hope shipments will go out soon in Europe and the US as well, and when we get tangible and fungible information from our fulfillment partner, we will update you. Also, when it is time for delivery, you should get a notification from your local fulfillment center, via SMS or email, with a tracking number.

UK and EEC!

GamesQuest is analyzing the Backer Data at the moment. They do not have a precise date on when stuff is shipping out. But check their webpage, where they put up weekly updates.

European Union

German customs hit us “good” (more on that in another Update), and held on to our container for inspection for about a week. We promptly paid the duties and submitted the paperwork necessary to get the goods released, but this inevitably caused a bit of a delay. Our EU warehouse is in Griesheim and they have the Backer Data. Again, check the GamesQuest blog for updates from them. They do both UK and EU.

Canada and the US of A

Quartermaster Logistics has the games, the playmats are on their way, and they do regular updates on their Twitter:

They should also ask for address confirmation before sending, and then tracking numbers, keep your eyes peeled on your email accounts!

Australia & New Zealand

Aetherworks has the product and has sent out emails for backers to confirm their addresses. Even the playmats that came from Poland are there already. And we just got notice of the. Check their Facebook page for updates on when they start delivering.


As mentioned, backers have started to receive copies in Hong Kong and China. The playmats will come in a separate shipment a bit later. For the rest of the countries within the VFI domain, check their page:

Look for the letter E and scroll all the way down.


The Shipments to Norway (one to our office and one to our local fulfillment partner) have been booked to be shipped from the UK and they have started allocating the products, so these should soon be on their way (my game is there too!!)

We will update you when we get confirmation that they’ve been shipped, and let you know when you can come to pick them up at our office or expect them to arrive by mail.

Rest of the World

Your copies are being delivered from the UK, follow all the steps in the UK section above!

Our First Video Review!

We got our first review! From Beastie Geeks, in Poland. It was top of the Hot Reviews section in BGG for a while, click the heck out of it, and “like” it there on BGG. It would help us quite a bit if we can move part of the conversation there.

The answer to the question is “yes, indeed”.

Stand-out quote:

“It’s probably the most epic and complete strategy game with a historical theme that we have ever played.”

And our first Unboxing from Joachim in Hong Kong!

Please, “destroy” the like button there on BGG and comment all you can. The more interaction our content has there, the better chance of reaching hotness, more awareness, and a better chance for us to get more people on board for future expansions.

Good Looking!

Since Retail is a reality very soon for us, reatil… realtil… retality? (don’t push it, Víctor, it’s not meant to be), with stock all over the world, we got some really nice-looking pictures done by a professional board game photographer! Check out BoardgameShot’s webpage and Instagram.

Look at all those gorgeous components, so neatly lined up!

Our men ar at the ready, milord! All the contents of the player tray laid out (Manpower/Units, Armies and Fleet, Ships, Merchants, Towns, Vassals, Monarch Power cubes, Claims, Alliances, Marriages, War tokens, and Tag chits)

He cared to orient the shields right!

Ka-ching! The cardboard coins look nice too!

Extended Gameplay Example Video

We are working on a recorded video at the office, with our only copy of the game. It’ll cover one whole Round of a 4-player game (S1-01), moved and narrated by Eivind and filmed and edited by a-me, Víctor!

Modern problems require modern solutions

Essen Spiel ’22

Essen happened, while we focused on how the ships moved millimeter by millimeter by millimeter. Candice from BGG was there! Paul Grogan was there! Ready Steady Play was there!

And of course, our Diplomatic Advisors and friends from the discord Server, please join and become one!

Thanks a lot to Mikhs, Balz, Jarige, Arccos, Metal, Finn, Kalli, Mardrax … They took the time either to visit or to stay and help us during the convention.

Paul Grogan from GAMING RULES! was there!

Candice Harris from BGG was there!!

The guys from Ready Steady Play were there!!

And Candice mentioned the game in her new BGG Podcast! on Minute 00:57:12

And Batalladores!

The game has made its way to Spain by the Spanish publisher and was demoed in the Batalladores Con, a “Come to play” convention rather than a “Come to test” and that meant you booked your spot for a WHOLE DAY playing.

We got lovely feedback regarding the game mechanics, game components, and some pictures!

Thanks, CrazyShini, for hosting those demos!

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