First Look at the MPC - EU:tPoP DD #27

First look at the MPC

The first Mass Produced Copy (MPC) was delivered last week, and we recorded the moment of its arrival (you can see it below). We wanted to do this Update sooner, but we have also been hard at work, finalizing the Shipping Plan. If you are on Discord you have already had a sneaky preview in the form of a few pictures, but we have packed a whole bunch more into this Update.

This step in the manufacturing process serves us to check that the quality of the printing, components and assembly is as it should be (perfect), including color, alignment, materials, quantities … 

Indeed we have to say, Panda has not let us down, everything looks just beautiful, even exceeding our highest expectations, and the feeling of the components is top-notch, feels real, oozing high quality. We are over the moon and really looking forward to getting this out to all of you!

As promised, let me show you:

Deluxe Edition (And Add-ons) Unboxing

This video was filmed precisely at the moment it came through, all our impressions come from the first time seeing them in their final, gorgeous form.

Vertical filming is the future! Also, my phone is so heavy … thanks for your patience.

Standard Edition + Fate of Empires Expansion

The same situation, two days later, but this time the Standard Edition (Base Game pledge). Fate of Empires is an Expansion for the Standard Edition that basically contains the remaining gameplay content from the Deluxe Edition (but without deluxified components).

Now some pictures 

To appreciate the details that can be overlooked in a video.

This was just after dismembring it for the first time

even the lid for the trays speaks of quality

Military Power ready to knock on your door

the +60 shouldn’t be there, but it was an excuse to show it offI don’t know if you would get it, but I have been waiting for this hole for a long time

Please, appreciate the icons on the tray, reminding you which well is for what token

I’m in love with that illustration, thanks Joeri

The tray of the Commons’

Close-up Metal Coins Add-on

Hey, the Cardboard Coins look great as well!

Life is good, but it can be better!

Two puuuunch!

Punchboard close-up 1

Punchboard close-up 2

It is so packed

And another layer of stuff!

Bottom tray, this is another of those things I have been waiting for a long time, definitive card backs, so beautiful.

Age I cardback

Age II cardback

Age III cardback

Age IV cardback, look at that contrast, I want to play Age IV just to see this more often

Other colored miniatures close-up

all packed again (but I really forgot the rulebooks)

The rulebooks, scenarios, and player aids. HOURS OF FUN!

Halls of Hegra

Tompet Games, also from Norway, and friends of ours (Petter and Thomas) have made this game that we 100% recommend that you take a closer look at. Their ongoing Kickstarter ends in 6 days, so go and back it if you are into solo board gaming and WW2 history!

Play as the commander of the Norwegian forces. Explore the fortress and dig your way through mountains of snow and broken equipment. New recruits are joining while you plan supply routes for the coming siege.

Defend the village below the fortress while you do the final preparations before the Siege. Send out patrols behind enemy lines to secure enough supplies.

During the Siege, you have to endure constant bombing and infantry attacks while keeping the morale up amongst your men. Will you survive?

Essen Spiel and Spiel Most Wanted 2022

We are going to Essen Spiel once again in October, and you will be able to find us at booth number 5-I103 (that is Hall 5, then “I” as in “infantry”, then 103). There, you’ll be able to see the MPC – LIVE in Action, try it, feel it, this is the game in its final form. So this will be meaningful.

If you haven’t already, you (or your friends) can also pre-order it with us at the booth, remember that fulfillment should be ongoing by the end of October (very soon after for such pre-orders!)

BoardGameGeek Essen Spiel Most Wanted ’22

If you follow us you have already seen it, but we still would love some more likes in the BGG Spiel 22 preview! We are currently ranked 6th in “Must Haves” of all entries in the list. Quite impressive for a heavy strategy game like this, but can we break into the Top 3?

You need to have a BGG account and hit the like button on the listing of Europa Universalis: The Price of Power (you can even thumbs up all the other games you like! what a bargain!) While you’re at it, click on “Must Have” and even rate the game if you have tried it on Tabletop Simulator, or just because you’d like it to thrive further!

It is helping us reach more people, and could potentially result in new Language Editions.


Gold and Guns
Víctor & Eivind @ Aegir Games

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