Final Booklets & Shipping - EU:tPoP DD #24

Final Rules & Booklets

Final Rules & Booklets, ready for print – Update your Shipping Address

This is a copy of the Kickstarter Update #34, if you want to read directly from the source:

Keep yourself updated!

First and foremost, if you would like day-to-day updates about development. The place to go is Aegir Games Facebook Page and Aegir Games’ Discord Server where there are daily discussions and playtesting of the game. There is also a collection of Kickstarter Updates with in-depth information about the game development over the past year.

A light read for a sunny day in the park

Finally, after countless hours of playtesting, listening to feedback, going through editor and community comments, and trying as best we can to make a wholesome and consistent rulebook, we have arrived at the point where we can say: This is it, these are the FINAL RULES. As you can see, we sent it to a local printer to have a tangible copy in our hands.

You can enjoy a web version of them in the link below (or click on any of the images)



(Page references and tables of contents are clickable links in both docs.)

Our Editor on this project, if any of you are curious, is Michael Schemaille ( He is a veteran who has worked on a host of games like Cthulhu Wars, Horrified, Scythe, God of War, and many more. We are very grateful for his contribution to making the rules a much smoother and clearer reading experience.

Our goal with this project has been to create a product that has rules that work as they should from the beginning. That has taken a lot longer than we expected, and there is still obviously some way to go before the games arrive at everyone’s doorstep. But we believe that we now are ready to send this beast off to the printer.

Comments on the PDF: We are going to send this one to print, but the project is complex enough that we realize that there may still be some little things that have slipped past the eyes of the designer, developers, editor, and community members alike, so if you want to leave a comment on the PDF, it will still be possible. However, at this point we really just want to know if there are blatant errors that we have missed, atrocious things, like “climate change is not real”, or “the Earth is flat” (yes, we know our board is flat). 

It's alive!

Solo Rules!

Sieging the building next door

A light read on the tram

Scenarios I and II are also done already and ready for print. Just have a look here.

[Scenarios I]

[Scenarios II]

What’s left?

We are wrapping up the Player Aid and the final comments on the Cards at the moment, and that is all. 

Update your Shipping Address!

If you want to change or update your address on your order because you might be moving, do it before 2022-06-01 (1st of June).

All orders data are going to be given to the fulfillment company, after that date, we have little control over specific changes.

An alternative to solve uncertainty is to send it to family members or friends that you know are not moving any time soon.

You should have an account on with the same email you used here on Kickstarter and you should have access to change the address there.

The path is: “My Backed Projects” – Europa Universalis: The Price of Power –  ChangeAddress or a drop menu with (…) three dots in which you find it.

if you get in any trouble, send me an email through and I will have a look at it.

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