Expansion Survey & Essen23 - EU:tPoP DD #34

Survey + Essen + AegirCon

Quiet before the storm :)

As we stand here at booth 3Y102, ready before the masses come storming in at Essen Spiel (any minute now!), we have a small update for you.

Survey Reminder

Thanks a lot to everyone who already replied to the survey in the link at the end of our previous Kickstarter Update! So many great comments, suggestions, encouragements, and useful insights!

Some insights aligned with what we had expected, but there were also some surprises, which is nice!


Expansion of your dreams incoming

Now, even if we already learned a lot from the replies we got, we know that many backers still haven't answered the survey. Maybe it got a bit lost there at the end of a very long update, so we will put out this reminder to be sure that you see it.

Solo players UNITE!

Every reply is equally important to us, and we would like to hear back from as many of you as possible!


Essen Spiel: Final Chance to get a copy of the 1st printing of the Deluxe Edition!

Imagine this, a shiny new Deluxe Edition, with all its trays and wooden tokens – it could be yours!

If you are coming to Essen, and haven't pre-order it, you better be quick because we only have a few copies available! If you know someone who wants it and you are coming, get it for them! If you know someone is coming and you want it, call them immediately! :)

But please, come to visit us anyway at booth 3Y102, we will have demos, and if there are Deluxe Editions left, this is your chance (we prefer contactless, not going to have change at the booth).

Mind, as well, that I won't be looking at the email so much during the days of Spiel, all your changing addresses for late pledges must wait for a couple of days at most. 

AegirCon 2023

What a blast it was! Here are a couple of pictures, but we played all weekend, laughed, talked, and tried out some new stuff we are cooking, which is soon to be revealed (see below).

King of Kings!

Deshuga, as England, won the Grand Campaign game, and is our first AegirCon Champion (but that French Bohemia has a place in my heart).

This is how you play the game

We were playing the Same Sejm, but Different – harder than it looks! (A brand new scenario, today also available for testing for our Discord community members.)

Casually Partitioning Poland

We even had some people coming fresh, anew from the ether, to play with us. (That is to say, coming to try out a demo with the designer.)

Niels ran his RPG adventure for Drager og Demoner (Dragonbane), Drømmerne (The Dreamers), and everyone was super happy.

Bonus Scenarios PDF

From the collection of scenarios that did not make the cut in either of the booklets in the base game, we have revisited and improved some to make them more feisty and exciting, adding some interesting twists to rules and victory conditions. We have also hand picked some fan-made scenarios (with permission) and added some of our own flavor to them. Then we collected all of these scenarios in a PDF. Those who attended AegirCon got to see a couple of them in action. We will let you know what we intend to do with that PDF in the next update, after the Essen dust has settled.

Happy gaming!

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