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A Summer of Conventions and an Essen Autumn

As we move from summer to autumn (or fall to those across the pond) we are constantly working on the Europa Universalis board game development. At the moment we are focusing on making compelling event cards and victory objectives. However, you will also see more regular updates from the team in the coming weeks and months.

Places we have visited or are going to visit soon.

We have been, and really are, enjoying the opportunity to travel to conventions and fairs to meet fans and gamers in Europe and North America. Above all the feedback that we get is absolutely invaluable to us. But it is also just great to meet people who are as passionate as us about the Europa Universalis experience.

Also we will be drawing the winner of our mailing list competition tomorrow. As soon as the winner has been notified, we will announce it here on our blog. The lucky winner will receive a copy of Twilight Imperium 4.

Meeting board gamers at Arcon

Summer kicked off with the Arcon gaming convention in Oslo in June, where we demoed the game to eager fans from Norway. We had introduced some new and some adjusted features since PDXCon and were eager to try them out with new gamers, and we had lots of great feedback from those who played and those who sat around watching. This input subsequently carried into the continued work on the game over the summer.

Europa Universalis demos at GenCon

At the beginning of August Aegir Games travelled to GenCon with Paradox Interactive and Free League Publishing. This was our first visit to the greatest board game spectacle in North America, and it didn’t disappoint. Most importantly we had a Friday packed with Europa Universalis demo sessions for board game writers, bloggers, podcasters and vloggers. We also got to talk to some old friends and personal heros in the board game industry. We even got to play some new games and make some new friends. Here you can get some first impressions from Roll for Crit, and a full demo session recording from the Board Game Kaptain.

Developer Diaries

Starting at the beginning of next month we will begin publishing developer diaries, focusing on different aspects of the game. Here we will go through game features, one or a few at the time, and explain how they work. We really look forward to that, and hope that you do too!

Meet us at Essen SPIEL ’18 (Oct. 25–28)

The highlight of the board gaming year, for many, is SPIEL, that mammoth of an event taking place in Essen every October. Aegir Games will certainly be present too. For a lot of Europa Universalis fans and board gamers this will also be the first chance to see the prototype of the game up close. If you are planning to go, please come to see us at the Paradox Interactive booth (booth no. 5-A104). We would also be very happy if you would like to give us some love on Boardgamegeek’s SPIEL ’18 Preview list.

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Europa Universalis at PDXCon and Arcon

Europa Universalis Demo at PDXCon

Last month we went to PDXCon in Stockholm to present the prototype for the upcoming Europa Universalis board game to die hard fans of the computer game series. This was the first time we had a chance to show what we have been working on to a wider audience – it was a lot of fun (and quite intense)! We got loads of great feedback, which has been really helpful to us in the continued development process.

One of the people who took the time to play a demo session at PDXCon was PC Gamer writer Jon Bolding. His preview based on that demo and our chat with him was published on the PC Gamer web site just short of two weeks ago. One of the many great quotes from that article that we particularly like was this one:

I’ll likely lay down the cash and entire weekend required to try it out when they get this thing designed, published, printed, and shipped to my door.

Here are some photos from the demo sessions at PDXCon for you to enjoy:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next up for us now is the Arcon tabletop gaming convention in Oslo, which kicks off tomorrow. Here we will be demoing Europa Universalis on Saturday 23 June from 4 pm to 9 pm (16:00–21:00).

Tomorrow already we will be running sessions for our other upcoming game Crazy Neighbors from 7 pm till midnight. Crazy Neighbors will come to Kickstarter in the not too distant future, and the game is in the final stages of development. Naturally we will be hosting these sessions in the convention pub area, as this is a proper beer-and-pretzels game of fun and nasty take-that action.

Also we will be there all of Saturday and Sunday to talk to gamers, play games and demo our prototypes, so just look for the Aegir Games T-shirts and ask us anything.

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Printed Cards & Rules Now Available in English

English Cards & Rules for Kampen om Norge (Battle of Norway)

Great news for English speaking gamers: printed cards with English text are finally available for Kampen om Norge (Battle of Norway)!

English cards and, optionally, rule book can now be ordered online from print-on-demand-shop The Game Crafter. We think the quality of the card stock and print of the cards is great. The quality of the full color printed booklet is also very good. Hopefully this will make the game a lot more accessible to those who are eager to try it, but have been put off by the thought of having to look up the meaning of the cards.

We have to emphasize that this is a supplement that we have made available because some gamers have asked for it – it is not a stand alone game. The cards/rules may be ordered as an add-on to the original Norwegian 1st edition of the game. Your order for this supplement will be handled by The Game Crafter, while you still have to get the original game from our web shop, or from another retailer that carries the game. Because these cards and booklets are printed in the US on a per-order-basis we unfortunately cannot offer the supplement from our own shop.

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Superb KoN Review in Paper Wars #78

KoN Review Paper Wars

Paper Wars #78The most recent issue of Paper Wars magazine has a very positive and thorough review of Kampen om Norge by Lou Coatney, over two whole spreads. Editor of the magazine, John D. Burtt, also lists the game as his second favorite game of 2013 in his editorial, which is a real honor.

To quote Burtt:

Kampen om Norge – the real surprise of the year. The Norwegian designers […] have put a really neat game together of the 1940 German attack on Norway using cards and plastic soldiers to make the three sides of the conflict – Norwegians, British/French, and Germans – play separate, but interconnected games. Seemingly simple mechanics, but […] gamers get into the battle quickly. gives a video overview of this issue of Paper Wars, and the KoN review, here.

The conclusion of Coatney’s review:

In summary, I give Kampen Om Norge – straight out of the box, even! – my most enthusiastic recommendation to fellow wargamers and look forward to more games from the impressive game design team of Bækholt & Vetlesen.

Capsule Review Rating (1 is the worst, 5 is the best)
Rules: 5 I don’t read Norwegian, but the English translation is available, and they look to be well-organized and as beautifully illustrated and clearly instructive as anything I’ve seen in the hobby.
Graphics: 5 – no question.
Ease of Play: 5, even with the “advanced” game rules, and it is highly interactive and just fun.
Solitaire Play: 5, with all the variability and possibilities of the campaign historically and of this game of it.
Historical Realism: 5 for overall simulation of the campaign. Lower, regarding an unhistorical possibility or two, even if minor.
Game Balance: 4? The game is so variable it is still too early to tell. The Germans may (or may not) have an advantage, but “D-Day”-like game-wrecking solutions have not been found.
Time of Play: 5 A comfortable evening’s game – around 3 hours – with experienced players for the advanced game. The basic game must be much faster, but – except for much younger players – why bother with it?

We are very happy that both Lou and John like our game so much. Following the release of Paper Wars #78 we have had orders for the game from almost all corners of the world (USA, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy and Sweden), to our great amusement. Also another great review on Boardgamegeek was posted from a gamer that bought KoN after seeing the Paper Wars review.

Order your game here (international orders).

Happy New Year!

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Excellent Kampen om Norge (Battle of Norway) Review

Review – Kampen om Norge – Battle of Norway from Vega Forlag – Boardgames in Blighty

Kampen om Norge (Battle of Norway) was recently given an excellent review by Mark Rivera at Boardgames in Blighty. We hope to meet some new KoN gamers at SPIEL in Essen later this month. Hopefully the people who play it there will feel the same way as Mark. We can also reveal that we will bring a fully functional prototype of a brand new game that we are developing to the fair. It is based on the same game engine as KoN, but deals with another WW2 conflict.

People planning to go to SPIEL in Essen can pre-order their copy of KoN here.

Here are a few quotes from the review:

I spotted this game on the Boardgamegeek Essen 2013 list and thought, I’ve got to play!

The first thing that you notice is the production quality of the components of this game. The artwork is very nice indeed. […] The map looks lovely and is clearly marked with the areas for movement.

There are shorter campaigns included with the rules which can be played, and in fact I recommend this so that you can learn how to play. The short campaigns are excellent in themselves and an interesting challenge.

ITS ALL ABOUT THE CARDS – The coolest part of this game is the card system. The cards for all three armies are the engine for getting things done. […] This is a very clever, and user friendly system which gives the players a feel for the options available to the commanders during the Norway campaign. The system is very easy to use and the clarity of the green/red system aids the players and allows you to keep the game flow moving. The cards are used for specific operational actions or can be traded in for reinforcements.

The basic game rules are plenty to get stuck into. They work very well and come together smoothly. There is a similarity to Axis & Allies – type games which if you are familiar with them will make this game a breeze to learn and get into. The card system is the stand-out feature of the game.

Did I enjoy Kampen om Norge?

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